Dissatisfaction of drivers on Uber’s norms

The car owners and the riders sign with Uber because of the options provided by the online ride sharing company.
Raph Assaf is a film director, he moved to Ottawa from British Columbia to sign up with Uber because of his interest to know more about the car hailing firm and the freedom given to the drivers by the company.He said that the company promotes twenty to thirty dollars for an hour against lower fares, but when analyzed his two week’s report, were he worked for a total of forty hours and picked one hundred and thirty fares but had made only five hundred dollars. And after deducting the amount for the fuel and payment of the car, he had only with eight dollars for one hour.

He is against Uber’s rule that discourages the riders from tipping, because the drivers do not compromise in their service. Assaf has five stars from the customer satisfaction, but he is not satisfied with the ride sharing company. He said the company aims only on making profit and is less interested in the fact that the drivers earn below the average wage.Susie Heath, Uber Canada spokesperson in an email to the CBC denied Assaf’s complaint and said that the drivers in Ottawa earn a basic income of twenty five dollars an hour excluding the expense. She also said that the drivers in Ottawa like to work with their company because of the efficient earning option. And said that they give timely updates to the drivers on increasing their hourly expense by making use of the rush hours and busy areas

Chariot- uber for women

Chariot- the taxi hailing service dedicated for women based in Massachusetts. The founder of this company is Michael Pelletz a former uber driver who worked for the company around 8 months. He came up with this idea after he handled a customer with drug overdose. He feels that the industry has overlooked the safety of women. Uber and Lyft policies have been facing severe heat for lack of stringent security norms. In chariot all the drivers are female and only female passengers will be taken up or boys under the age of 13. Any male accompanying above the age of 13 will be denied a ride.Chariot is also said to have stringent background checks and fingerprint based verification. At present 1000 women have signed up and the service was launched nationwide on April 19th.

There were several cases between the passengers and drivers in Boston which had forced authorities to regulate laws in regard to ride sharing companies and has been stern in imposing finger print based verification for Lyft and uber. Uber has around 29 percent of female drivers and 30 percent of lyft drivers are female. Both the companies are planning to increase their share of female drivers.However there is a possibility that chariot might face legal problems. The law does not allow denial of job for a potential person based on their gender. The service has caught female passengers’ attention some of them stated that though they have never faced issues with uber Chariot is one step safer than Uber.

High pollution and high price on Uber

Owing to high pollution the Mexico City has restricted the number of cars on roads. Earlier the ban was at 20 percent of the cars on road were restricted now this has increased to 40 percent. The city is covered with smog due to heavy air pollution and has made even walking a daunting task. The city dwellers prefer taxi-hailing rather than walking on the streets. This demand has led to surge pricing on uber’s service. Many residents feel that the price are too costly and have taken to twitter to voice their concern. Uber defends surge as it will bring more drivers to the road during high demand period. This is an option for meeting the demand and supply gap.

Passengers demand a cap on prices during high pollution days. The company has requested its passengers to use car pooling options for lower prices. This is the most environment friendly option according to uber.Many cities with high levels of pollution have stared restricting car numbers Delhi is one such example. These are the times the company is making a killer profit. All taxi hailing companies use surge pricing. Car pooling seems to the best option for passengers .A study by MIT reveals that 95 percent of rides on uber can be car pooled. But low sense of trust among strangers is the hindrance in car pool service. The service also faces regulatory issues in many countries.

Uber Claims Fifty Percent Growth Since Its Behalf Launch

The Sanfrancisco based company Uber claims that there was a rise of fifty percent in its growth since its behalf launches last month, but it has no idea about its drivers and the fares.The US based company says that when it is launched in some new city, it always takes some time to match its supply of cars to the rider demand.Uber is a company that helps the riders to find out nearest cabs in the city by using the GPS.

It is very difficult for a number of users to find out the available cars as very small number of drivers are available during peak hours since its launch in the year 2011, so Uber gives the facility for users to find out cars from their nearby location, but the general manager of the firm on Behalf tells that now it takes only a few minutes for a taxi to arrive.This service has been launched across 70 countries with licensed drivers.

The company also revealed that Belfast is its international business target. This is good for customers as the average time from button tapping to car arrival is just 4-5 minutes and these are decreasing further as a number of professional driver plans to tie up with Uber.The company is expected to create a high impact on the normal taxi industry in Northern Ireland. Value cabs are operating 600 taxis in Behalf while the Monaca has 500 cabs in the city.

Uber is now on par with Facebook with its value

Uber, the ride sharing company is overrated and also underrated as well. Very confusing, eh? Uber service is the most used by people around the world, but it is also famously known for its never ending list of controversies. Many critics say the company has lost its worth and is struggling in the transportation industry. But honestly speaking, the company is making crazy amount of money in many cities across the globe.

Uber was found in 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garret Camp but it has received a lot of fame and popularity within 5 years of time. The startup company has made over $50 billion at the end of 2104 beating Facebook’s market revenue record. It is a surreal moment for the mighty Uber. Uber must be doing the so called “victory dancing” now! Mark Zuckerberg would now be devastated with Uber’s current whimsical moment. According to sources, Uber has shown improvement by adding up extra $1 billion to its total revenue. Good job Uber!

Lately, Uber has been putting its 100 percent efforts in expanding its service across the globe. As a result, the results are productive and favourable for the company. The local taxi services are now having nightmares and Uber plays the villain role in it. The contenders should do something in order to catch up the pace in the race before they are eaten up alive by the mighty Uber. The US-based company is also looking forward to double its market revenue by the end of 2018.

Uber now serves business travelers

Uber, the world famous ride hailing service has been a nightmare to many local services across the globe. Many people are even secretly planning to take down the service by conducting protests and anti-Uber events. But the company is back with great news for the business travelers. The US-based company now offers its service to corporate world as well. It is going to be a serious threat to other local taxi services.Uber has many features and frequently introduces new deals for its dedicated and loyal users. The focus is now shifted over to the business travelers. The ride sharing company is working on its features that would perfectly suit the audience from the corporate world. The local taxis are slowly falling apart in the transportation industry.

Uberpool could also serve the business travelers who are working for the same organization. It is a lot cheaper than other services and it is less complicated as well. People do not have to worry about tipping the taxi driver anymore.According to several sources, Uber would completely take down other local services in near future and the taxi drivers are already feeling the heat. But critics say the company is the most overrated fraudster and making millions of dollars off people’s ignorance.Nevertheless, the corporate people have also fallen in love with Uber and turned against many local services. It is good that Uber is expanding its service but it would worsen the local taxi drivers’ current situation.

Elon Musk’s opinion on Uber vs Lyft

uber lyft


Uber, the most successful online ride sharing company across the globe is always a potential threat to all the other local services. But the tragic status would not continue any further because another online transportation network company Lyft has arrived at its best to take down Uber’s market revenue. There have been a lot of speculations and debate going around about the so called “battle” between Uber and Lyft. Lyft has implemented many deals and features for its users in order to expand its service wider and stronger. Lyft has also introduced Lyft pool that could offer cheaper fare rides to many riders travelling in the same direction. Both ride sharing companies have pros and cons as well, but the ultimate showdown would take place very soon. You can start your own ride sharing company using cabily. Check www.dectar.com/taxi-dispatch-software

At the Baron Investment Conference held at New York, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk was invited as a surprise guest. The conference host Ron Baron asked many questions about the annual event to the Tesla’s CEO. Elon Musk was also asked to put forward his thoughts on Uber vs Lyft. He did not want to answer the question favoring any side but he thinks there is not enough space for both the services to stay in the race.

Elon was earlier asked whether he would sell his cars to the online ride haling service Uber, but he refused to answer the question. Who knows what, he might even be planning to open his own ride hailing company in future!

How Uber and Airbnb generated five star customers


 Uber and Airbnb are doing better service in the taxi and hotel industry where they have been rating each other for years.A seller can get good ratings, only when he is polite, bold and superior. Customers can go with a service by having a strong research of its ratings. They are doing better service in the taxi and hotel industry and they have been rating each other for years.Here are some opportunities for brands:

Encourages good behavior:

Users who are using Lyft app will receive a text message in their phone by showing their ratings by Lyft drivers.

Lyft is also providing an opportunity for the users to have incentives if they behave well throughout their ride.

It is an interesting fact if a brand doesn’t tell you about what happen if you behave poorly. Uber lies in this category, it will not tell you about the ratings, but you can request for it.

Personality Scores:

Imagine what happens if brands with different opinions rates us?

Yes, brands are provided with an opportunity to access your personality scores. Just like banks can have access to your credit score. The brand will satisfy you with their actions and poke you in the right direction.

Promotes Mutual Trust:

Most people in this world love to get rated by the company, whose service they have used. The two ways rating system relies on mutual trust and customer tend to talk more and behave well with Uber drivers than with normal drivers.

Uber’s plan to expand in China

china-roadUber, being the most successful online transport service across the globe, the company is further planning to expand in China. The plan is to cover 100 more Chinese cities, exactly double the previous record. Uber’s main targets for now, China and India have a lot of other local services as well. Hence Uber is facing a very stiff competition from those underrated services. The company has ruled out other services in China by its rapid growth. According to several sources, China had only 1% market in the beginning of 2015, but nine months later, the service reached its fame by gaining 35% market share.

Kudos to the Uber team for its efforts and for putting up a heavy fight with the other services!  Uber, which is worth 50 billion, is currently operating in cities across China. But launching the service in 20 cities was not an easy task either; the company came up with several strategies to compete with local rivals. Uber china has added up 1.2 billion to the company’s revenue.Several internet firms have helped Uber to reach out to the local governments and Chinese citizens. Thanks to the Chinese government officials, Uber is now catching up with the other services. According to Kalanick, anything which helps in employment, less congestion and less pollution should be in the top position. Uber is now evolving to be the country’s biggest revolution. China, the highly populated country is very much benefitted by the world’s famous online transport service Uber.    


Uber steps up to offer a safe ride

When people take a taxi from Uber, they will be charged with extra $1 for “safe rides”. The company assures safety to the riders by tracking the ride until the destination. The company promises to provide 24/7 safety to the riders. But the price tagged for the so called “safety” depends on which part of the country you live. But riding an Uber in cities like Detroit and Southern California’s “Inland Empire” would cost you twice as much as you pay for safe rides in other cities. Does this mean Uber is trying to make a statement that every city relates to different other potential risks? Sounds bizarre, eh?

According to Uber’s spokesperson, the safety fee varies from city to city. Every city’s fee would vary in accordance to the safety measures and 24/7 support implemented in the app. But the statement has created a huge outrage amongst the users who thought the safe ride fees is an injustice to them. The company even faced a lawsuit in 2014. Uber’s main contender Lyft, also charges safe ride fees of $1.55, it even varies accordingly to different cities. Surprisingly, many obvious threat prone cities like Washington DC, San Francisco have lower safe ride fees when compared to other cities like Fort Myers which costs around $2 for every safe ride. Online transport apps charging safe ride fees sound bizarre to many users, but the companies say, everything is for a reason! At least now, people can feel safe and secured by paying the fee regardless of many controversies.